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Top 2 Questions About Precast Concrete Walls Installation

At the time of composing this post the year has formally tipped to the second half. 183 days done, another 183 to go. This caused us to ponder what are the two generally asked and significant inquiries our customers pose to us with regards to installation of a precast concrete wall?

You most likely would have these inquiries as well;

1. When can we install your precast concrete wall?

When you ask us this you have met with our friendly Sales Rep, you have chosen your wall style and the height of the wall and you know what border you want to cover;

You got your quotation and paid 50% deposit. Now you want your precast wall and you want it now!

We understand, and we will put in great effort to book the installation as quickly as possible after you accepted the quote and paid the deposit.

For your own preparation you can generally work on a one to fourteen day waiting period before your precast wall in the Pretoria North is installed.

Include another 7 days waiting period for Concrete Palisade fencing as these sorts of precast wall fencing ventures are ordinarily more than 1000 meters and therefore take somewhat longer to finish as we see a project to completion before we take on another project.

This leads me to think about the second question on precast concrete wall installation rate in one day;

2. How much would you be able to install in one day?

Just as of late I pose a similar inquiry while I was driving past a Brick wall building site in Pretoria North on my way to work at Fast Concrete Walls.

It was a Monday and builders were early busy working. I guess the wall to be roughly 20m long.

I saw the builders working day after day and the coming Friday the wall was finished. That is 2 weeks for 20 meters!!! Rubble still needed to be gathered and the site cleaned. This should not take more than a day.

If I was a better neighbour and advised them to rather go with Precast concrete walls, guess how much faster it would have been for the same 20 meters wall? In all honesty It would take an average team one day!!!

Our average installation rate every day for precast concrete walls is 30 running meters, and then there is even sufficient time to clear the rubble as well!

Since you now know how long it takes to install a precast concrete wall make that telephone call and book your installation today.



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