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Precast walls

Prefab boundary walls. Precast concrete walls are available in all shapes and sizes

precast walls installation

Precast wall installations

We can supply and install any of the following precast boundary walls:

  • Plain
  • Clinker
  • Brickcrete Multi
  • Brickcrete Plain
  • Brickcrete Plum
  • Brickcrete Tan
  • Stonefence
  • Woodcrete

Precast wall extensions

The Extend a precast wall extension precast pillar is the safest, strongest and most aesthetically pleasing method to use when extending your concrete  wall.  We will match the extended panels to the design and size of the panels in your existing boundary wall. We can increase the height of your precast wall by 600mm to 900mm (2 panels or 3 panels up) to provide a safe and secure area providing security and privacy for your family.

precast wall extension
grey precast wall

Grey precast walls

Grey precast walling has been the tried and tested concrete boundary wall in South Africa for 50 years. We have many options and designs for cement fencing. We can build up to 3 meters high prefab walls, but please note this is outside city council rules.

Some call it stop nonsense, but it does exactly that. It stops bad elements looking into your property. Cement fencing gives you privacy, safety and enhance your property. So, it stops nonsense.

We can assist you with your stop nonsense building project. Precast houses is fast and cost effective to install. We can do express walls installations for yours garden or house.

We have the best and lowest concrete wall price for you.

Face brick precast walls

Enhance your property with this high-quality brick concrete boundary wall.

Available in standard precast wall heights of 1.2m to 2.4m high fence heights.

We are your concrete fence supplier.

clinker precast wall

Brick Crete precast walls

Our double sided precast walling. New concept in the precast fencing industry. Much thicker than grey precast walling. Looks same on both sides of the precast fence. We have Brick Crete in 3 colours as well as Stone Fence and Wood crete.

We can build a beautiful precast boundary wall  for you.

Precast concrete stop nonsense rooms and housing can be erected much faster than brick and is the cheapest way of building a strong room or house that can last a long time. Phone us for your precast room or housing price. Our stop nonsense house price is available per room, with or without installation. Click here for more information.



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