Concrete Precast Wall extensions

DIY Precast Wall Extension

Do DIY and save you money on your wall extension project.

We will make our 35 years wall extension knowledge available to you so that you can extend your own precast wall. Precast wall extend is an easy process if you have the right material and skill. This will result in a huge saving to your pocket. All you must do is follow the step by step instructions to learn how to assemble and install your own precast walling extension, as well as how to work with precast wall slabs.

Before you can extend your precast concrete wall, stop nonsense wall or vibracrete wall, ensure that you know the following:

  • How high do you want to go? Firstly, determine how high you would like to increase the height of your wall by 1 slab, 2 slabs or 3 slabs up.
  • Determine how many poles you want to raise.
  • How many precast slabs will you need?
  • Your centre to centre of section length. We have 1.22 meters, 1.44 meters, 1.52 meters and 1.55 meters precast slabs in size for you.
  • What is the pattern on the existing slabs? We hear customers a lot saying there is no pattern, the slab is smooth, please check your neighbor’s side as well.



Mr A want to raise his precast concrete wall by 2 slabs up (600mm), for 15 meters.

  • 15 Meters dived 1.5 Meter per section = 10 SECTIONS
  • 10 Sections = 11 Concrete Pillars or poles
  • 20 x precast slabs needed @ R50 each = R 1 000.00
  • 11 x 600mm pillars (poles) @ R50 each = R 803.00
  • Total = R 1 803.00


How do I go about rising my precast wall:

  1. Insert 600mm steel profile 300mm deep in to existing precast wall pole slot. This means that 300mm will stick out on top of wall.
  2. Mix enough plaster for project. Normally half a wheelbarrow full
  3. On your first and last pole drill a hole in the centre of your precast pole and in the 600mm pole you wil ad to your first section. This is for your round dowel to hold first pole in place.
  4. Clean your old pole top with water. Put on top of pole one cup full of plaster mix.
    Insert your new 600mm pole with 1 x10mm x 200mm long dowel.
  5. Insert your first new slab
    One your next pole ad your plaster mix.
  6. Insert your 600mm precast pole.
  7. Now insert your second slab.
  8. Finish your of your plaster and section one is done.
    Well done! Your first extended section of precast wall is done. Congratulations.


Your cost on this section per meter comes to roughly R135.00 per meter. (steel profile included).



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